Westman Wellness Information Index





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Addictions Services

PMH Addictions Services – Parkwood Centre
Address: 510 Frederick St, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-3838
Website: prairiemountainhealth.ca

Alcoholics Anonymous in Manitoba – Brandon
Address: 803 13 St. Brandon (Wheat City Group)
Address: 401 1st St Brandon (Crocus Group)
Address: 1515 6th St Brandon (Prairie Group)
Phone: 204-942-0126
Website: aamanitoba.org

AFM Gambling Help Line
Phone: 1-800-463-1554

Credit Counselling Society
Phone: 1-877-389-0297

Gamblers Anonymous – Brandon
Address: 327 8Th St, Brandon
Phone: 204-571-3685
Website: gamblersanonymous.org

Childcare Services

Drop-In Playtime for Parent & Preschooler
Address: 255 – 9th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-726-6280
Email: info@cfswestern.mb.ca
Website: cfswestern.mb.ca

(Gi) Kinaa’amaadiiwigamingoons (The Little
Teaching Lodge)

Address: 205 College Avenue, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-0788
Email: ltglodge@mymts.net
Website: brandonfrienshipcentreinc.ca

Assiniboine Early Learning Centre – Students

Address: 1430 Victoria Ave East Brandon
Phone: 204-725-8713
Email: aelc@assiniboine.net
Website: assiniboine.net/student-life/resourcesstudents/child-care
Waitlist: assiniboine.childcare.link.

Beginnings Pre-School Inc.
Address: 3101 Victoria Avenue Brandon
Phone: 204-728-8407
Email: beginningspreschool@hotmail.ca

Brandon Nursery School
Address: 451 18th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-725-2226
Email: brandonnurseryschool@gmail.com
Website: brandonnurseryschool.com

BU Early Learning Centre Inc.
Address: 303 21st Street Brandon
Phone: 204-725-0986
Email: branu@mts.net

Deep Roots Early Learners
Address: 1 – 535 Park Street Brandon
Phone: 204-725-2415
Email: deeproots2018@gmail.com

Drop-In Playtime for Parent & Preschooler
Address: 255 – 9th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-726-6280
Email: info@cfswestern.mb.ca
Website: cfswestern.mb.ca

Here We Grow Nursery School
Address: 1620 Braecrest Drive, Brandon
Phone: 204-761-8734 or 204-761-5474
Email: herewegrownurseryschool@outlook.com
Website: herewegrownurseryschool.com

Kokum’s Early Enrichment Program
Address: 836 Lorne Avenue Brandon
Phone: 204-728-9041
Email: bfckeep@mymts.net

Magical Memories Learning Centre
Address: 911 – 26th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-728-3275
Email: mmlc@wgcwave.ca
Website: magicalmemorieslearningcentre.ca

Pre-School Enrichment Program
Address: 2nd Floor, 2227 Brandon Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-727-6650
Email: pet2227@outlook.com

Victoria Day Care Centre
Address: 2227 Brandon Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-728-9845
Email: vdcc@mts.net

Y Downtown Early Learning Centre
Address: 231 – 8th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-571-6557
Email: audra.newman@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Y Maryland Early Learning Centre
Address: 70 Maryland Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-726-4157
Email: ymaryland@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Y New Era Early Learning Centre
Address: 527 Louise Ave. Brandon
Phone: 207-571-6559
Email: katherine.hume@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Y South Early Learning Centre
Address: 1525 – 1st Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-6556
Email: ysouth@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Y Valleyview Early Learning Centre
Address: 77 Whillier Drive. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-6554
Email: yvalleyview@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Y West Early Learning Center
Address: Unit B, 565 – 34th Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-6558
Email: ywest@ymanitoba.ca
Website: ymcabrandon.com

Crocus Plains Early Learning Centre (Infant
Centre)- Students Only

Address: 1930 1st Street Brandon (Crocus Plains School)
Phone: 204-571-6935
Email: hutcheson.bertha@bsd.ca

Crisis and Non-Crisis Support

Westman Crisis Services
Call: 204-725-4411
Toll Free North: 1-866-332-3030
Toll Free South: 1-888-379-7699

Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support
Services (Province-wide)

Phone: 1-866-367-3276 available 24/7

Klinic Crisis Line
Phone: 204-786-8686 or 1-888-322-3019

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line
Phone: 204-786-8631 or 1-888-292-7565

Manitoba Suicide Prevention & Support Line
Phone: 1-877-435-7170 (1-877-HELP170)

Talk Suicide Canada (available 24/7/365 by

Call- Toll-Free: 1-833-456-4566

Youth Mobile Crisis Team
Call- (204) 949-4777 or Toll-free 1-888-383-2776 (available

Manitoba Addictions Helpline
Phone: 1-855-662-6605

Senior Abuse Support Line
Phone: 1-888-896-7183

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help
Line (Province-wide)

Phone: 1‑855‑242-3310

Prairie Mountain Health
Youth Under 18 crisis line 24/7: 1-866-403-5459
Adult crisis line 24/7: 1-888-379-7699
Website: prairiemountainhealth.ca

Trafficking Hotline (24/7)
Toll-Free: 1-844-333-2211

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Girls and

National Crisis Line: 1-844-413-6649
Available 24/7

Seneca Services Warm Line
Phone: 204-942-9275
Pre-crisis support

Eating Disorders Help Line (National)
Toll-Free: 1-866-633-4220
Available Monday-Thursday: 8 AM-5 PM
Friday 9 AM-3 PM

Workers Compensation Board Distress Line
Toll-Free: 1-800-719-3809
or 204-786-8175


Inclusion Westman
Email: inclusionwestman@gmail.com
Website: www.inclusionwestman.com
Phone: 204-740-6358

Manitoba Possible
Address: Room 140 340-9th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-726-6157
Toll-Free: 1-800-813-3325

Cor Enterprises
Address: 364 Park Avenue East, Brandon
Phone: 204-728-2932
Email: cor@wcgwave.ca

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba
Address: 129 B – 12th Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-727-4669
Email: ldambdn@mymts.net
Website: brandonldam.ca

Address: 354 Tenth Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-727-0631
Website: cnib.ca

Community Respite Service
Address: 710 3rd Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-4910
Email: bdn_westman@communityrespite.ca
Website: communityrespiteservice.ca

Employment Resources

Career Connections
Address: 710 – 3rd Street. Brandon, MB
Phone: 204-728-9594
Email: office@cciwestman.ca
Website: cciwestman.ca

Fresh Start
Address: Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation 440
Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-729-2490 ext. 115
Email: freshstart@bnrc.ca
Website: bnrc.ca/fresh-start/

Address: Unit E – 940 Princess Avenue, Brandon
Phone: 204-571-8800
Website: ceys.mb.ca

Employment Resource Centre
136 11th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 4J4
Phone: 204-717-3503
Email: erc@samaritanhouse.net

Training Centre
1610 Pacific Avenue
Brandon, MB R7A 7L9
Phone: 204-727-1268
Email: AIAACoord@samaritanhouse.net

Pregnancy Support Centre
Address: 229 Princess Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-6161
Email: info@pregnancysupportcentre.ca
Website: pregnancysupportcentre.ca

Women’s Resource Centre
Address: 729 Princess Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-8632
Website: thewomenscentrebrandon.ca

Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre
Address: 255 9th Street
Phone: 204-726-6280
Email: info@cfswestern.mb.ca
Website: cfswestern.mb.ca

Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba
Address: 800 McTavish Avenue, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-6030 or toll-free 1-800-483-8980
Email: info@cfswestern.mb.ca
Website: cfswestern.mb.ca

Manitoba Maintenance Enforcement Program
Address: 1104 Princess Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-945-7133
Email: ManitobaMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca
Website: gov.mb.ca/justice/courts/mep/index.html

Brandon Access/Exchange Service
Address: 144-12th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-8115
Email: bfcaccess@mymts.net
Website: brandonaccessexchangeservice.com

Midwifery Services
Address: 531 Princess Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-5530

Sexuality Education Resource Centre Brandon

Address: Unit B, 345-10th Street
Phone: 204-727-0417
Email: info@serc.mb.ca
Website: serc.mb.ca

Westman Immigration Services (WIS)
Address: 1001 Pacific Ave.
Phone: 204-727-6031
Employment office: 1015 Princess Avenue
Website: westmanimmigrantservices.ca

BLIP (Brandon Local Immigration Partnership)
Address: 1440 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-2490 ext. 112
Email: lip@bnrc.ca
Website: brandonlip.com

Huddle Brandon
Address: 701 Rosser Ave.
Phone: 204-717-6565
Email: youask@huddlebrandon.ca
Website: huddlemanitoba.ca

4-H Manitoba
Address: 658 Unit A 10th Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-726-1914
Email: learns@4h.mb.ca
Website: 4h.mb.ca/southwest/.ca

John Howard Society of Brandon
Address: 153 8Th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-1696
Email: office@brandonjohnhoward.ca
Website: brandonjohnhoward.ca

7th Street Health Access Centre
Address: 20 – 7th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-578-4800

Financial Resources

Employment and Income Assistance
Address: 340, 9th St, Brandon, MB.
Phone: 204-726-6438

Rent Relief Fund
Phone: 431-831-4357
Toll-Free: 1-855-955-4234

Non-EIA Rent Assist
Winnipeg: 204-948-7368
Toll-Free: 1-877-587-6224
Email: incsup@gov.mb.ca

EIA Rent Assist:
Phone: 204-948-4000
Email: eia@gov.mb.ca

Legal Aid Manitoba
Address: 236 – 11th St. Brandon
Phone: 204-729-3492
Email: info@legalaid.mb.ca
Website: legalaid.mb.ca

Manitoba Student Aid
Phone: 204-945-8483

United Way Brandon & District
Address: 201-1011 Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-8929
Email: office@brandonuw.ca
Website: brandonuw.ca

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
Brandon Regional Health Authority: 204-578-

Dauphin: 204-368-2164
Glenboro: 204-827-5316
Killarney: 204-523-3218
Minnedosa: 204-867-8729
Neepawa: 204-476-7823
Rivers: 204-328-6203
Russel: 204-773-2142
Souris: 204-483-6352
Swan River: 204-734-6636
Virden: 204-748-4324


Resource Centre & Food Bank
820 Pacific Avenue
Brandon, MB R7A 0J1
Phone: 204-726-0758
Email: info@samaritanhouse.net

The Helping Hands Centre Brandon
Address: 111 – 7th Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-727-4635
Email: helpinghands@wcgwave.ca
Website: helpinghandsbrandon.ca
Serves from 11:30 AM-1 PM

Housing Resources

Manitoba Housing
Address: 253 9Th St, Brandon.
Phone: 204-726-6455
Toll-Free: 1-800-651-8217

Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corp.
Address: 440 Rosser Ave.
Phone: 204-729-2490
Email: admin@bnrc.ca
Website: www.bnrc.ca

Brandon Community Welcome Club House
Address: 1036 Louise Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-728-1514

Habitat For Humanity
Address: 630 Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: Bonnie Mills – Community Engagement Manager
Direct: 204-717-0602
Email: bmills@habitat.mb.ca
Website: habitat.mb.ca

Community Health and Housing Association
(CHHA) – Westman Region

Address: 1233 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Affordable Housing: 204-726-8865
Portable Housing Benefit: 204-726-0755
Supportive Recovery Housing: 431-541-2187
Withdrawal Support Services: 204-727-4557
Homeless Outreach Mentoring/Emergency Housing: 204-
The Building Re-Fit Store: 204-728-2227
CHASS (Community Housing and Support Services): 204-
Club 1202/Global Market: 204-727-5425
Main Office: 204-727-5425

Samaritan House Ministries Inc. Safe & Warm

Phone: 204-726-0758 ext 5

Brandon Housing First
(c/o Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.)
Address: 705 Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-441-8575
Email: housingfirst@southwestmmf.ca
Website: brandonhousingfirst.ca

Indigenous Supports

Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council

Address: 410 9th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-2462
Email: m.letourneau@brandon.ca

Brandon Friendship Centre – Aboriginal
Healing & Wellness

Address: Unit C – 602 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-8791
Email: bfc_wellness2@wcgwave.ca
Website: brandonfrienshipcentreinc.ca

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Sub-Office
Address: Unit D, 535 34th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-728-6012
Fax: 204-728-7528
Website: svdngovernance.com

Cree Nation Child Family & Caring Agency
Address: 304-10th Street
Phone: 204-727-1900
Fax: (204) 726-3301
Website: creenation.ca

Michif Child & Family Services (MCFS) –

Address: 141 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-8540
Website: michifcfs.com

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) Family and
Community Wellness Centre – Brandon Sub-Office

Address: 724 18Th St, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-3690
Website: ncnwellness.ca

Ask Auntie
Address: Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation 440
Rosser Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-2490
Email: askauntie@bnrc.ca
Website: www.bnrc.ca

Medical Services

Brandon Regional Health Centre
150 McTavish Ave. East
Phone: 204- 578-4000
Emergency: 911
Emergency Room-24 hours
Website: prairiemountainhealth.ca

Wheat City Medical
Address: C1 – 1711 Kirkcaldy Dr, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-1711
Email: billing@wheatcitymedical.com
Website: wheatcitymedical.com

Western Medical Clinic
Address: 2425 Victoria Ave. Brandon,
Phone: 204-727-6451
Email: westmed@westernmedicalclinic.ca
Website: westernmedicalclinic.ca

Rosser Medical Clinic
Address: 841 Rosser Avenue, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-8588

Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation
Address: 620 Dennis Street. Brandon
Phone: 204-728-4440
Website: https://www.brandonclinic.com/

Trinity Medical Clinic
Address: 2-335 18th St, Brandon
Phone: 204-728-4141
Email: trinitymedicalclinic@outlook.com

Newmount Medical (Walk-in) Clinic
Address: 624 18th St, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-0773

Harmony Medical Centre
Address: 920 6th St, Brandon
Phone: 204-727-6464

Chronic Disease Education Program
Address: Unit A5, The Town Centre. 800 Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 1-877-509-7852

Phone: 204-788-8688

Health Links
Winnipeg: 204-788-8200
Manitoba: 1-888-315-9257

Mobile Clinic
Phone: 1-877-378-3077
Cervical Screening Clinic
Phone: 1-855-952-4325

Teen Clinic (PMH)
Website: http://teenclinic.ca/klinic/
(Contact your local primary care office for more details)

RAAM Clinic
Phone: Brandon: 204-578-4800 / Russel, Virden, Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation: 204-578-4818

Mobile RAAM Clinic
Phone: 204-578-4818

Trans Health Clinic (PMH)
Phone: 204-578-2513

Winnipeg – 204-788-8248
Toll Free – 1-877-830-2892

Mental Health Supports

Counselling Centre for Hope, Healing, &

Address: 335 9th Street, Brandon
Phone: 204-726-8706
Email: info@counsellingcentre.ca
Website: counsellingcentre.ca

Suicide Prevention Implementation Network

Address: B9-800 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Email: info@spinbrandon.ca
Website: spinbrandon.ca

Foster Common Unity Counselling Services
Address: 1037 Rosser Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-728-3758/1-877-245-8253
Email: terrimiller@wgcwave.ca
Website: fostercounselling.ca

Lighthouse Wellness Center
Address: Unit T, 29 10th Street, 4th Floor Brandon
Phone: 204-728-0054
Email: office@lighthousewellnesscentre.ca
Website: lighthousewellnesscentre.ca

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
(MDAM) – Westman Region

Address: 217 Unit C, 10th Street Brandon
Phone: 204-721- 2174
Email: adassist@moodmb.ca
Website: moodmb.ca

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba – Westman
Address: Unit 4B 457 9 St N, Brandon
Phone: 204-729-8320
Phone: 204-943-6622 (Winnipeg)
Toll-Free: 1-800-378-6699
Email: alzwm@alzheimer.mb.ca
Website: alzheimer.mb.ca

Peer Connections Manitoba
Website: www.peerconnectionsmb.ca
Phone: 204-786-1616
Email: info@peerconnectionsmb.ca

Divergent Counselling
Address: #2 1202 Princess Ave, Brandon
Phone: 204-573-2768
Email: John@divergentcounselling.ca
Website: divergentcounselling.ca

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba
Phone: 204-725-8550
Email: westman@adam.mb.ca
Website: adam.mb.ca

Mental Health Services – Town Centre
800-Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-578-2400

Seniors Services

Camelot Personal Care
Address: 1340 10th St. Brandon
Email: healthcare@wcgwave.ca
Phone: 204-725-0245

CBI Home Care Services
Address: 1540 Rosser Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-727-4222

Daughter On Call
Address: 2015 A Brandon Ave. Brandon
Phone: 204-725-6629
Email: info@daughteroncall.com
Website: daughteroncall.com

Prairie Mountain Health Home Care Intake
Phone: 204-578-2339

Adult Day Program (PMH)
Phone: 204-578-2325

Brandon Seniors for Seniors
Address: 311 Park Ave E. Brandon
Phone: 204-571-2050
Email: reception@brandons4s.ca
Website: brandons4s.ca

Age Friendly Brandon
Phone: 204-729-2257
Email: agefriendly@brandon.ca
Website: https://brandon.ca/age-friendly